Mr. Smith's Peach Seeds

In 1968 Roger Smith ate a peach during a break from work. When he was finished he took out a pocketknife and began carving the peach pit into a tiny pig. 43 years later the retired meter reader and cattle rancher from Culloeka, Tennessee has carved hundreds of peach seeds into hummingbirds, stingrays, gospel choirs, entire villages, even a baseball stadium with 100+ figures. “Given enough time,” says Smith, “I don’t think there is anything you can’t make out of a peach seed.”

Roger Smith’s unique art, inspiring talent, and fascinating life are the subject of a short (11 minute) documentary by filmmaker Stewart Copeland. MR. SMITH'S PEACH SEEDS explores Smith’s process and inspirations and presents a thoughtful portrait of a self-taught artist who’s distinctive art is as much a part of his rural Southern landscape as it is a reflection of it.

“Mr. Smith and his peach seeds are just too enchanting and curious not to admire” 
-LA Times, Best of the Web

Past Screenings

+ The Big Sky Documentary Film Festival / Feb 18-23 Missoula, Montana 2012

+ Nashville Film Festival / April 20-24th Nashville, Tennessee 2012

+ Port Townsend Film Festival / September 21-23rd Port Townsend, Washington 2012

+ Gold Coast International Film Festival / October 22-28th Long Island, New York 2012

+ Indie Memphis Film Festival / November 1-4th Memphis, Tennessee 2012

+ Saint Louis International Film Festival / November 8-12th Saint Louis, Missouri 2012

+ Wild and Scenic Film Festival / January 11-13th Nevada City, California 2013

+ Durango Film Festival / March 1st & 3rd Durango, Colorado 2013

+ Sebastapol Documentary Film Festival / March 22nd, Sebastapol, California 2013


+ Best Mini Doc / Big Sky Documentary Film Festival

+ Tennessee Independent Spirit Award for Short Documentary / Nashville Film Festival

+ Best Short Documentary / Indie Memphis Film Festival


produced and directed by STEWART COPELAND associate produced by BRUCE TAYLOR  KYLE COPELAND  MARY COMBS and DAVID COMBS photographed by CODY STOKES and STEWART COPELAND music by KYLE COPELAND sound by ALICIA BOGNANNO interviews mixed by SAM KRUTZ color by DAVID POAG