Brainfreeze Retail Fixtures

Stewart opened Brainfreeze in July 2014. It began as a small shelf in the corner of a record store in East Nashville. The curated selection of underground, alternative, and small press comics & zines came from around the world and range from handmade one-of-a-kind objects to masterfully reissued hardback collections. Over the years Brainfreeze has grown in size and ambition; organizing art openings, book releases and even publishing. It was recognized by the Nashville Scene as a “Best Of Nashville” small business and is a destination for fans of art, comics, and zines.

Previous Brainfreeze Location // 2016

Previous Brainfreeze Location // 2016

Overhead Layout of Previous Location

Overhead Layout of Previous Location

In January 2017, Brainfreeze moved to from THE GROOVE to 1006 Fatherland #301. A space it shares with a shop called GIFT HORSE. Prior to moving it was decided that fixtures would be built specifically for the new location. Their design and the new layout needed to accomplish the following:

- An increase in inventory (16% increase in hardback books and a 14% increase is floppy/pamphlet books)

- An increase in shelving area (A 20ft minimum of spine out shelving space and a minimum of 83 feet of front facing shelving)

- Area for other fixtures besides main shelf structure (A spot for the sticker vending machine)

- Window for street facing signage

- Location suitable for events (Visiting artists, art shows, signings, etc)


Stewart designed the shelves in the 3D modeling program, RHINO 5 for Mac. He exported the cut sheets to Illustrator and delivered the files for CNC. 7 sheets of 3/4" Baltic Birch and 5 sheets of 1/4" Walnut were cut down to size by the CNC machine at Steric Design in Nashville. Afterward, it took Stewart a week to complete the assembly of the shelves. After installation the finished shelves were 6.5' tall and 18' long.


1006 Fatherland St. #301 Nashville, TN 37206


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Sun: 10am – 6pm


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