Stewart's Flashcards

Stewart began making flash cards in September 2017. Each flashcard set tells a different story. Part personal essay, part research paper, the card sets vary widely in theme and tone but have a strict format. Stewart reads the cards upon request but only to one person at a time. If you want to have some flash cards read to you email Stewart. 

A flashcard is 3” by 5” and laminated in a 5 millimeter thick laminated pouch. A card is two sided. The front is an image. The images are photographs taken by Stewart. If there is an archival photograph or image it is scanned from a publication and cited. The back of the card contains three things: the script text, a number sticker, and citation when citation is necessary.

The script text is 12pt Courier in white on black ink. These are the words that Stewart reads aloud. If Stewart makes any edits to the script they are done with a white paint marker and baby blue artists tape with a .005 Micron pen.

The numbered stickers are called Mark-It Dots. They are manufactured by Innovative Ideas, Inc. They are placed in the bottom left hand corner of the card and indicate the order in which the cards are read.

The citation is typed in 6pt Times New Roman and follows the MLA citation guidelines.    

There are 15 cards in a deck. Each deck tells its own story. Every deck is contained inside a box. The box is custom made; silk screened and laser cut. Each box is stamped numbered and signed.