45rpm Record Shelf

The Groove, a new and used record store in Nashville, needed a shelf to hold their growing selection of 45rpm records and singles. They wanted the fixture to do three things: 1. Display new arrivals 2. Organize and present new release 45’s by genre 3. Provide storage for boxes of used singles.

Stewart came up with a single fixture to meet their needs. The back board has two grooved shelves to display up to twelve singles. The eighteen pockets on the third tier can hold 55 records each. The overall height of each level only increases by eight inches, providing easy access shoppers short and tall. The fifteen cubby holes at the bottom hold standard size 45rpm record boxes and are reinforced for added stability.

The Groove wanted the final fixture to be visible from the entrance and draw customers towards the back of the store. Stewart designed the piece to resemble a retro arcade cabinet. All the trim was edged in white rubber t-molding and the LED bar on the top doubles as a light for customers and backlight for the signage The Groove added later.